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BEST Curriculum

Be Equal, Safe, & Trustworthy We worked with Men As Peacemakers (MAP) to brand and design their curriculum guide for their BEST (Be Equal Safe & Trustworthy) party model. The BEST curriculum is a party-themed sexual violence prevention strategy designed to equip students with the analysis, relationships, and skills necessary to shape campus environments they […]

Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc.

Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc. We’re currently working with the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc. board to use design to help promote their mission to foster racial justice and promote healing and reconciliation in our community. In 2018, we re-branded the organization with a new logo and website. Since then, we’ve branded their 2020 100-year […]

2020 MLK Tribute Events

This year, we were fortunate enough to work with the Duluth NAACP to brand the MLK Tribute Events. For the last 2 years we have worked with the organization to select themes based off of the writings, speeches, and teaching of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This year’s theme comes from an article by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., submitted for publication in March 1958. In the full title, “The Current Crisis in Race Relations…

Zeitgeist’s Year of the Womxn

Zeitgeist Arts’ Year of the Womxn Our creative director, Terri, worked with Zeitgeist to craft creatives around the four quarters of their Year of the Womxn events. Terri defined the quarters as Womxn in Activism, Womxn at Work, Womxn Identity & Self-Care, and Womxn in the Arts. In part, she also worked with and mentored […]

CSS ODI Branding

The College of Saint Scholastica’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion We had an awesome opportunity to work with the College of Saint Scholastica’s (CSS) Office of Diversity (ODI) as they revamped their look to match the office’s energy and help create an inclusive and cohesive feel for their programs.  Grounded in our Catholic Benedictine Heritage […]

It’s More Than That Campaign

It’s More Than That Campaign It’s More Than That focuses on the complexities of certain concepts, ideas, and experiences. Often we don’t quite understand the full story or someone’s reality. Through this campaign, we explored topics of diversity, inclusion, bullying, and more. We designed and illustrated over 30 posters for the campaign. We also the […]

ARE Volume 2

Mentally Realest We work closely with our partners at DanSan Creatives, a community organization that uses stories to inspire empathy and accelerate justice. Each year, we compile the work of their youth poetry group. The youth work throughout the school year to create work that they’re proud of and that tell a wide range of […]