An Abolitionist
Design Studio

Creating designs that shift culture
and build power

Jordon and Terresa Moses working on design projects

Our Company Culture

At Blackbird, we center abolitionist ideology in the ways we work. Our internal practices include the same pay rate for all employees, 100% healthcare premiums covered, a four-day work week, and 20 paid days off in addition to 20 holidays/rest days.

Our Culture

Who We Build With

When it comes to our design work, we are intentional with our partnerships and projects. Our partners value community, representation, and collective liberation.

Our Partners
Mockups of the Filling the Well Podcast
People holding fists up at a protest

Beyond Our Services

Our projects fund the community work we engage in. We organize to positively shift our culture, centering our values of abolition, liberation, and justice. We work towards a future where we are collectively cared for and healed.

Our Projects

Shop Our Collection

We started Blackbird Revolt with the question “what are we wearing to the next protest.” Our collection of merch funds our projects but provides a uniform for the movement. 

Our Collection