Our Story

Influenced by activists and artists, Blackbird Revolt was founded by two nerds who felt compelled to engage their community through art and design. The idea to form a company came about in Fall of 2016. We noticed the continued lack of representation and the intentional exclusion of diverse voices from the dominant narrative. We are an alternative to that exclusion: A network of artists, designers, photographers, painters, writers, orators and more. Blackbird Revolt acts as a platform for these conscious creatives.

As a team, we want to find ways to support the causes we care about while providing opportunities for others to do the same. With our creations we aim to inspire people to engage in dialogue and activism. Blackbird Revolt aspires to break the social & political barriers that keep us caged. From apparel to media, we create conscious designs that challenge the way people think about the world.

Passion Driven

Consciously Designed

Community Focused

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