Mockup of MPR In Focus Branding

In Focus 

In early 2022, we had the opportunity to work with folks from MPR to rebrand In Focus. In Focus is a program from MPR that explores race and racial disparities. 

Minnesota has suffered from persistent racial disparities for years. This we know. But what can be done? It’s time to bring it all into focus. In Focus is a mix of community-engaged reporting, live discussions, original digital content and more—all centered on what our communities need to thrive. Join us!

We worked with the team to craft a new brand as well as some digital assets for the web. 

About the Design

The mark for In Focus is an illusion. The effect is created by two overlapping words slightly askew. We pursued this direction because we felt it represented the reality of communities of color. Our stories, our needs, and our voices are often out of focus. 

Additionally, the dot in the “i” features the overlapping circles. In the brand, these circles represent the intersections of identities and the complexities of compounding systems of oppressions. 

Mockup of MPR In Focus Branding