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University of Minnesota: Juneteenth 2022

We worked with the University of Minnesota, their various departments, and community organizations to make Juneteenth 2022 possible. Our team members played personal roles in the success of the event. Our creative team also worked to design the event brand. 

Juneteenth 2023 Poster
Juneteenth 2022 Zine Mockup

 About the Design

Juneteenth is a celebration of abolition, Black freedom, and Black futures. 

Throughout the design we use three concepts to explore our experiences throughout time: Resistance, Freedom, and Liberation

Resistance to racism and white supremacy is an essential element of our existence. This is represented through actions, movements, unrest, and revolutions. Although resistance is ongoing, we pair resistance with the past. It is part of our history. We know we are actively resisting systems of oppression and we will continue to do so in our futures.  When we look to futures in which we are truly free, we hope resistance will not be required to survive. 

We situate freedom as a present reality. Not freedom from systems of oppression but the freedom to act. The freedom to fight back. Through this theme, we highlight successes throughout history that have achieved steps towards liberation and self determination.

Liberation is a vision. We pair liberation with a vision for the future. Something to be crafted and created. Something to build. We represent liberation by highlighting ways of being and allow us to live outside of white supremacy. Ways of being that feed us, our whole selves.

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