Marking 5 Years of Blackbird Revolt

Blackbird is celebrating 5 years!

Over these past five years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some really dope community members, organizers, and creatives. As we move into this next year we intend to further lean into the things that matter to us. We intend to use more time, resources, and energy to support the work of abolition. As members of a collective community, we know we cannot succeed alone. This year we’re looking to partner more.

We are continuing to embrace design and branding projects but we are also creating more capacity for self generated projects and partnerships. We’re shifting to focus more on our vision and how we continue to weave our skills into the necessary work of addressing white supremacy. Not only do we intend to help challenge the deeply rooted systems of oppression, we intend to add to the visions of an abolitionist future.

At Blackbird, we envision a world free of systemic harm. We see a future in which every individual is part of a community. A community filled with love, passion, justice, creativity, peace, knowledge, and opportunity.

Thank you all for supporting us along our journey.