Film Festival Alliance 

In 2022, we worked with Film Festival Alliance to craft a basic visuals brand package to better fit the spirit of their work. In crafting the brand, leaders in the organization named that “Alliance” as an essential part of the brand. Their work centers on fostering a collaborative global community. Through the process, we agreed on a word mark for the organization. The word mark would allow us to emphasis alliance and avoid any overt visual references to “film” as they do not plan festivals themselves. 

With their input, we crafted something that was simple, clean, and easily used on a variety of collateral. Film Festival Alliance worked with a developer to craft a site that fit with in the brand. 

About the Organization

FFA works year-round to celebrate and support the art of film, filmmaking, and film presentation by connecting festival professionals with one another, and with other industry stakeholders including the greater filmmaking community.