Youth Coordinating Board Poster mockups

Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board: One-Pager

We worked with the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board to craft a one-pager they could use to hand out to community members. The goal of the one-pager was to succinctly introduce people to the organization and their work.

About the Minneapolis Youth Congress

The Minneapolis Youth Congress represents the city’s youth and possesses genuine power and sway in decisions and policies that directly affect young people. Working alongside elected officials, MYC strives for a shared vision of the well-being of Minneapolis’ youth.

About the Design

The design of this project draws inspiration from the dynamic energy of young individuals and the supportive community members who stand by them. Our aim was to create a visually engaging representation of the ongoing work, while also crafting a practical tool for MYC staff. The color palette of blue, white, and green is directly derived from the existing brand, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. Additionally, you might observe that the arc from their logo is integrated into the design on the front page, serving to both enhance aesthetics and facilitate easier comprehension of the content by breaking up the information.