Marking 6 Years of Blackbird Revolt

Our Vision

At Blackbird, we envision a world free of systemic harm. We see a future in which every individual is part of a community. A community filled with love, passion, justice, creativity, peace, knowledge, and opportunity.

What We’ve Accomplished

In 2022, we were able to institute a 4-day work week, a goal from 2021, allowing us to center rest and the humanity of our team. Two additional full-time team members joined our team, opening the door for more creative projects and capacity. With the expansion of our team in 2022 we were able to take on new project genres and establish new partnerships. 

What’s Next

At Blackbird we’re excited about 2023 the opportunities it will bring. We are working on building additional capacity to offer more workshops and pop-up events that bring community together. We plan to partner with more creatives, produce additional in-house projects, tell more visual stories, and continue to expand our client base.  

We’re looking forward to new and upcoming partnerships. One of our more immediate goals is to partner with organizations led by Black women. We’ve partnered by supplying merch and scheduling our upcoming book releases for Racism Untaught and An Anthology of Blackness. You can find our merch at Black Garnet Books. We are also equally as thrilled to be partnering with Black Table Arts in their new re-launch under a Black woman’s leadership. 

We’ve been fortunate to be able to use our platform to advocate and support movement work. We’ve worked with folks in Minnesota and across the country, to create designs that challenge power and promote collective action. We’ve had some amazing opportunities to hear, highlight, and amplify voices from our communities. This continues to be central to the work we do. 

We’re working to amplify the voices of Black folks, Indigenous folks, folks of color, queer & trans folks, as well as all targeted communities to normalize ideas seen as radical; abolition, food justice, environmental justice, and healthcare for all. These issues are essential to the work we engage with and we will continue to prioritize any work that moves us toward a collective vision for liberation.