Umbra Exhibition

This month marks the anniversary of the Umbra exhibition that was crafted, illustrated, and curated by our Creative Director, Terresa Moses. This month, we’re using our platform to reintroduce the show to the public. 

We know that many of us have been focused on the upcoming elections. It has been an incredibly difficult year for our communities. Many of the problems we face have been exacerbated by folks who hold power and refuse to wield it for our collective benefit. Our elections directly affect the experiences and realities of Black women. So, we’re resharing Umbra to highlight some of those experiences. 

Each piece delves into six themes which Moses has identified as gaze, control, savior, (d)anger, burden, and liberation. It is her hope that all individuals come to realize their contribution to these experiences– either as a perpetrator of harm or a healer. 

For Black womxn, this show is for you. For ‘eerybody else, listen, learn, support, and protect Black women. 

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