Some of What We Do

Hey Everybody, if you don’t know about Blackbird Revoltt, we’re a group of creatives dedicated to promoting social change through conscious creativity. We work a lot with individuals, organizations, nonprofits and initiatives to effectively challenge the way we think about the world. Now, a lot of our work is embedded in the community and alongside movement makers, so we love to give back. This month we want to donate to a local or regional nonprofit.

How It Will Work

For the month of May, we are continuing to give back. We’re actually going to do a “Like” campaign and we’re going to need your help. So for every “Like” that we get on Facebook this month we will donate $1, up to $1000, to a local nonprofit. So, you can like our page and that’s one way to assist. But you can also comment in the comment section of the video and give a shout out to your favorite local or regional non-profit. The nonprofit with the most shutouts at the end of the month will receive the donation. We invite you all to participate! Like and share this campaign. We appreciate your support of what we’ve been doing and your support of all the organizations in the community doing good work to make Duluth and our region a better place. We appreciate it and we hope you get involved. Thank you. “Like” our page here! *The nonprofit chosen must fit our mission and vision