We worked with Meda through Pollen Midwest to craft the look and feel of this annual event.

The tagline [Ready for This] conveys that, unlike many organizations that are new to the conversation, Meda has been working toward equity for half a century. The organization’s history means they are prepared for moments of upheaval and change. And since the idea of preparedness speaks to learning from one’s past in order to thrive in the present and future, the tagline meshes well with the past-present-future theme of the overall event. The tagline could be modified using a “Ready for

_” construction, where the blank can be filled in with a number of related ideas (change, equity, wealth, justice, etc) to appear alongside the full tagline.

We were inspired by music albums during the era in which the company was founded and created a custom typeface which was used for the brand. We created a full range of illustrated hands and background graphics for use on social media, zoom backgrounds, and videography elements.