It’s More Than That Campaign

It’s More Than That focuses on the complexities of certain concepts, ideas, and experiences. Often we don’t quite understand the full story or someone’s reality. Through this campaign, we explored topics of diversity, inclusion, bullying, and more.

We designed and illustrated over 30 posters for the campaign. We also the symbol for campus climate (the ‘m’) which was made into a pin for participants of the campaign to receive once they make a public pledge that aligns with the campus’ goals.

This campaign highlights many of the projects, efforts, and initiatives already underway at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. The campaign also challenges students and employees to support the work happening around campus and to find new ways to create a more inclusive, safe, and engaging campus.

It’s More Than That is currently in its first phase: introducing the campaign to the campus community, raising awareness about campus climate initiatives, and asking people to get connected to the campaign.