The College of Saint Scholastica’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion

We had an awesome opportunity to work with the College of Saint Scholastica’s (CSS) Office of Diversity (ODI) as they revamped their look to match the office’s energy and help create an inclusive and cohesive feel for their programs. 

Grounded in our Catholic Benedictine Heritage and commitment to Inclusive Excellence, the mission of CSS ODI is to support the retention and graduation of all students, particularly students of color and other historically underserved students, by creating a welcoming and inclusive community and developing leaders in social justice.

We were tasked with understanding the infrastructure of the office and creating brand options that matched the vintage feel they were hoping for. 

We’re looking for something that speaks to the history of our college and is designed in a way that evokes the vintage feel of a Divine-Nine organization. 

We worked with the organization’s leadership and student representatives to not only brand the office, but brand all the ODI spaces and programs. This included:

  • The Center for Just Living (CJL)
  • The Intercultural Center
  • Jiimaan Abiwin
  • The Justice League
  • Multicultural Leadership Orientation (MLO)
  • Native Student Services

In their design package, we created all of their logos and variations with a hand-made script. We selected an accessible font pairing, designed their social media covers, created a large format banner, and a variety of swag items for the office.

We also created detailed instructions for the student groups to recreate their logos to match the new branding of the office. In the guide, we included logo formats and elements to help them create a design for their 12 student groups.