Eagle Point Elementary Mural

We worked with Eagle Point Elementary to craft a mural in the entryway and atrium of the school. Through this a vibrant mural, the work helps create an inviting and inspiring environment for students, staff, and visitors, reinforcing the school’s commitment to creativity and community.

About Eagle Point Elementary

Located in Oakdale, MN, Eagle Point Elementary is a learning environment committed to creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere for students. The collaboration on a mural project in the entryway and atrium demonstrates the school’s dedication to fostering creativity, pride, and a sense of community. The mural serves as a visual representation of the school’s values and commitment to nurturing young minds.

About the Design

Transforming the wall of the entryway and atrium of Eagle Point Elementary into vibrant, welcoming spaces was our goal. Through the creation of an inviting mural, we infused color, positivity, and educational elements into the school environment. The mural serves as a source of inspiration and community pride for students, staff, and visitors alike.