Annual reports are a consistent design element we produce. In some cases we get to design them from scratch. In others we take existing branding and work to create something that represents the client’s vision. 

Recently, we worked with Breakthrough Twin Cities to create their annual report. We were tasked with creating elements that would fit under their existing brand while also feeling fresh and new. 

About the Organization

Breakthrough Twin Cities envisions a future where all students have the resources to reach their full potential, where every classroom is led by an engaging teacher committed to each student’s success, and where society as a whole realizes the ultimate social and economic benefits of fully investing in its youth.
Breakthrough Twin Cities provides a six-year college access program to support under-resourced students and their families in the Twin Cities. In middle school, we provide academic enrichment programming during the summer, in which college and high-school students serve as Teaching Fellows and inspire students to grow and reach their goals. Our high school program helps students navigate school, the rigors of college preparation, and other challenges as they grow and develop. All students attend monthly Saturday sessions during the school year.