This summer we got to work with an amazing cyclist and leader named Darrow. He has worked with QBP and launched Break the Cycle.

A Bit About the Design

Our team was inspired by a variety vintage designs as well as the shapes and parts of a bicycle. We aimed to create something inviting that would have some staying power. Based on what was shared with us throughout the project, we also knew we had to create something that could be used as a badge or window cling.

We’re excited to see how the program grows and are looking forward to our first community ride. 

A Bit About Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle is a Community program. At its core, BTC’s mission is to help create opportunities for Black Indigenous People Of Color to engage in the cycling industry on the level they want to, and are ready for. We will engage underserved communities, starting within Minneapolis by connecting participants to employment opportunities, knowledge, and leadership skills. In our first ten years we seek to reach one thousand BIPOC through our community classes, led by a Bike Professor. The BP will be an individual that is representative of the communities we seek to engage. This would be a BIPOC member of the community that would be interested in learning about bicycle mechanics, as well as wants to share that knowledge with their neighborhood. The purpose of the Bike Professor position is to help create a pool of BIPOC candidates with the skills required to begin employment as either front-end bicycle retail staff, or as assembly bike builder positions.  We’ll do this by providing paid training to opportunities for those community members that would like to learn.

We will be creating empowering pathways for the BP’s to continue to grow their knowledge and passion. This is done through the programs tiered community engagement. BP’s will have the opportunity to teach two levels of classes. The first level of the program is fundamental engagement through a bicycle knowledge ride. This will be a twice a month 2-hour bike ride event hosted by the BP in which they take a group of 5-10 community members on a bike ride through the neighborhood and connecting them with their local bike shop. The first hour will cover the bike ride, the second hour of the event the BP will build a bike out of a box using BTC curriculum training and a 17 Tool Multi-tool, going over every tools used. Every community member that comes on a BTC ride is given a free 17 tool multi-tool, as well as becomes eligible for a free season of Lyft bike-share subscription. The hope is that we encourage members of the community that found a spark in that intro class, to come join us for our deeper dive into bike careers in the intermediate class.