Branding the Movement Workshop

We’re excited to be joining a dope group of creators at this year’s HUE Design Summit. We will be hosting a workshop this year.

“Thus all Art is propaganda and ever must be[…]. I do not care a damn for any art that is not used for propaganda. But I do care when propaganda is confined to one side while the other is stripped and silent.” –W.E.B. DuBois

At Blackbird Revolt we recognize the impact of creative art forms within social justice movements and the part we can all play in furthering positive change in our communities. During this workshop, we will analyze and critique the branding and impact of various movements and how their visual messaging impacts cultural change. Participants will then collaborate with each other using the design research process to create their own positive change around these concepts– exploring equity and representation using design.

About Hue Design Summit

HUE Design Summit is organized by a collective of creative individuals who believe that in order for a community to flourish, there must first be a community. The summit returns this summer as a 4-day un-conference created for designers and developers of color, bringing curated conversations and workshops in an environment where we are given the space and tools necessary to advance in the ever changing world of technology.