Moira Villiard (Photo by Ivy Vainio)

Moira Villiard


Moira (pronounced like theory) is an artist and organizer based in Duluth, MN. She currently works at the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) as the Cultural Program Coordinator. Her role with AICHO has helped lead to some incredibly engaging and impactful programming. Additionally, she sits on the board of the Arrowhead regional Arts Council (ARAC), an organization whose mission is to facilitate and encourage local arts development. Through her role with ARAC, Moira is able to assist other artists by advocating for creative projects and providing unique perspectives. Moira is also connected with many other creatives. She connects with visual and performance artists as an organizer for Goody Night, an artistic storytelling experience.

As a creative, Moira uses her craft to tell stories, share experiences, and highlight a variety of themes that many of us can relate to. Her work has been featured in countless shows here in Duluth. She has also had her work highlighted in spaces across the state and region. More recently her work was featured in the We the People Exhibit at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

Check out just some of her work below and visit her Facebook Page to connect with Moira.