MN Council on Foundations Report Design

Designed and produced a visually compelling print report that succinctly communicates the impact of philanthropic efforts and highlights the achievements and initiatives supported by the Minnesota Council on Foundations.

About the MN Council on Foundations

The Minnesota Council on Foundations is a cornerstone in the philanthropic landscape, dedicated to strengthening the impact of community foundations. By fostering collaboration, providing valuable resources, and championing philanthropy, the organization plays a pivotal role in addressing pressing community needs. Through initiatives and partnerships, they work to create positive and lasting change across diverse sectors.

About the Design

For the Minnesota Council on Foundations, we embarked on a journey to visually represent their impactful initiatives through a comprehensive print design for a report. The design seamlessly blends information and aesthetics, ensuring that the report not only communicates essential data but also engages the audience through thoughtful layout, typography, and imagery.