Headwaters Foundation for Justice Annual Report

In collaboration with Headwaters Foundation for Justice, we undertook the design and development of a dynamic digital platform to showcase their annual report. This project aimed to transform the traditional annual report format into an engaging and interactive online experience. Our team worked closely with Headwaters Foundation for Justice to seamlessly integrate impactful illustrations crafted by our talented designer and illustrator, Mayumi Park. The result is a visually compelling webpage that not only communicates essential information but also brings the Foundation’s narrative to life through captivating visuals and user-friendly design.

About Headwaters

Headwaters Foundation for Justice is a catalyst for social change, working tirelessly to advance equity and justice in Minnesota. The foundation believes in the power of community-led initiatives and strives to empower marginalized voices. Through strategic grantmaking, capacity building, and advocacy, Headwaters Foundation for Justice addresses systemic issues, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. Their commitment to justice aligns with our collaborative efforts to create a digital platform that reflects their values and amplifies their impact.

About the Design

Mayumi Park, our designer and illustrator, played a pivotal role in infusing the digital annual report webpage with transformative illustrations. Her artistic vision and skill brought Headwaters Foundation for Justice’s stories to life, capturing the essence of their work. The illustrations serve as visual anchors, providing a unique and compelling layer to the online experience.