Erica Pauline

They/Them or She/Her

Hey folks! I’m a queer feminist from northern Minnesota. I am a tattoo artist, illustrator, and ceramics kid. I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth, where I studied Digital Art and Ceramics.

In the tattoo world, I’m working towards more inclusivity, and all my coworkers and I will be wearing one(or more) of the pronoun buttons! I think that being aware that there are more than two pronouns, and also making a space where folks feel welcome and understood is super important. We’ve been talking a lot about how we can make our clients feel more comfortable, and I think showing that we know about pronouns is a step in the right direction. It’s a small, but massively important gesture. I hope that the buttons will open conversation in your life, as well as normalize pronouns.

Also they’re cute as heck.

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